Everywhere in the world, you go you find somebody that’s got the gift…..Meeting Ben and finding out about his music was one of the best things for me… he’s got the gift”

– Jessica Williams – American Jazz pianist and composer

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Reviews of Mystery & Wonder

Midwest Review (Chris Spector)
So, let’s suppose for a minute that Mark Murphy had a big Zen streak running through him. Then suppose he wrote inspirational lyrics that seems to have been run through a soul/jazz translator. You feel me? Certainly not our usual genre splicing flow, this is a natch for adult listeners looking for music that matter for people who care ™. Well done.

A Felicidade

by Ben Black | Remembered Faces / Private Places

Reviews of Remembered Faces / Private Places

Jazz Review (Donna Kimura)
Ben Black distinguishes himself from the rest of the pack. First, there is his hauntingly beautiful voice capable of hitting high notes that most male singers never reach. Then, there is his treasure chest of surprises and unconventional material.”

The music is indeed full of mystery, wonder and also sultry heat. the songs are rich, resonant and remind me of Moroccan deserts or Buenos Aires tango salons. Beautiful work!” 

 – Ian Boisvert, Writer/Actor/ Director

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